The Publisher's Desk: I inherited another fortune through fax

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It’s happened again, ya’ll.

Another one of my wealthy relatives, who I’ve never heard of before, has died. 

They have, again, left me with a large inheritance, this time more than $16 million.

Last time I promised everyone in town chips and salsa. I don’t know how I’m going to top that. 

Cindy notified me of a fax one morning from MCKERCHER LLP of Saskatoon, Canada. 

Mr. Patrick H. Loran, an attorney, was so kind as to inform me that Mr. Alan Dykowski died eight years ago, and that all attempts to contact his relatives have been unsuccessful. 

Because Uncle Al and I share the same last name and nationality, Mr. Loran said, I might as well claim it.

I’m not sure why Mr. Loran thinks, as he faxes to a Texas fax number, that I share a  nationality with a Canadian, but if the shoe fits, I suppose. 

The fax was very specific on the vital details, which assured me this was, in no way, a scam. 


Mrs. Dykowski... falls back

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No, I didn’t literally fall — this time.

This is my favorite time change because it allows me to change nothing and feel like I’m a super organized person who is ahead of the game. 

Considering the evil spring forward time change was days after I gave birth to my second child, I’ve felt between and hour and a decade behind for the better part of eight months, so I could use this little head start on life. 

On Sunday, I’m going to get that head start. 

I’m determined to make the most of it. 

See, I have a strategy for getting the most out of the end of daylight saving time. 

I just pretend like it didn’t happen. 

No, I don’t show up to church an hour early. But I do get up at the same time. 

Then I have an hour to ease into my day. I might throw lunch in the slow cooker, start some laundry or just take my  time getting “pretty” for worship. 


One Reporter's Ramblings: My faith in humanity was restored

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My faith in humanity was restored this morning.

No, I didn’t witness a selfless act of kindness or heroism. 

My faith in humanity was restored because listeners requested Depeche Mode and The Bee Gees on JACK FM.

I guess my bar might be a little low. Let me restart.

Recently, I’ve taken to listening to the 7:20 game on JACK FM. Every weekday morning, they allow the audience to request any song, provided the first letter of its title is the same as the last letter in the title of the song before it.

This morning, Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again” was followed by The Bee Gees’ “Night Fever.”

I don’t particularly love “Night Fever.” What made me happy is that the audience was thinking outside the box in its requests and putting some variety into the programming.

This variety has made for some fun listening on the way to work on the days that listeners play the game right. 


The Publisher Desk: Lois Henson's remarkable story of the Corner Lot

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Recently I had the opportunity to interview Lois Henson.

It was such a pleasure — she has this great legacy in Dublin and so many interesting stories (read hers and many others in the Leading Ladies section in the Oct. 18, 2018 edition, Section C.) I couldn’t fit them all in. 

I wanted to share, in particular, the story of the Corner Lot.  

After she told me about how the community came together to help her after the shop burned down, she said Dublin stepped in again to help with a big project — the Corner Lot. 

Henson and Donna Hightower were Chamber of Commerce board members in 1996 when, walking down Blackjack Street, they were looking at the debris of a building that had burned down 20 years earlier but had been left untouched. 

“Before St. Patrick’s that year we made a tiny plant display as a message — something’s going to happen here,” Henson said. 


Mrs. Dykowski... creates quality time

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Darci has been showing an interest in letters and numbers lately, and she has always loved books, so I decided this fall to start some really basic preschool activities with her. 

We are taking a letter every week. 

In our recent A week, we watched ants build tunnels in a tic-tac container. 

We made A’s out of play doh and made an abacus to practice counting. 

We also play with homemade number flashcards a few days a week to work on recognizing numerals. 

She’s learning so fast! 

We practice tracing letters with our fingers a couple of days a week in our Sofia the First” alphabet book, which she loves, although the vocabulary is a little specialized. 

Every toddler needs to know yacht starts with Y, right?

Once a week we spend some time playing with letter puzzles. 

I love that she’s building a great foundation that will help her learn to read and do basic math.

But that’s not the best part. 


Mrs. Dykowski... is 29 for the first time

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“I’m 29,” I told Bob Cervetto last week after we talked about the football game. 

“Which time,” he asked. 

“First!” I laughed. 

Judging by the grey hairs and crow’s feet, I’m sure at least fifth is a more believable answer, but I’m truly only 29.

This is the last year of my 20-something era. 

Scott asked me if I had any goals I wanted to accomplish in my 20s. I told him, honestly, no. 

But the more complicated truth is that I did as a teen picture my life at 30. 

Urban, ambitious, newly married, well-traveled, fashionable, successful and  well known, I would probably wear a lot of black, live in a very modern house or townhome. 

It was a romanticized view of life as a journalist that today sounds completely unfulfilling to me. 

There’s no room for kids in that life. No real community.

There’s no time for family.


The Publisher's Desk: Some exciting new digital offerings from the Citizen

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If you have been on our webpage — — or our facebook page lately, you might have noticed some exciting new changes.

For starters, we have created a second facebook page called “Dublin Citizen Sports” and a companion Twitter page. 

For those of you who love Dublin High School sports, this page is especially tailored for you. 

It’s going to offer a lot more, sportswise, than our current Dublin Citizen facebook page. 

Last Friday night, for example, Sarah live posted the Dublin Lions football game as it was happening. 

Those who followed it messaged us afterward thanking us for creating a way to keep up with the game, minute-by-minute, for those who can’t go themselves. 


Mrs. Dykowski... loves the almost desert

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When I was a kid, I really wanted to be good at art. 

I wasn’t and still am not. 

I wanted that skill because there was such beauty around my home, and I wanted to capture it and share it. 

One of my greatest inspirations that I was not capable of doing anything with is the West Texas sunset. 

In most places on earth, if you want to see the sunset, you look to the west. 

In the almost-desert of Texas, sunsets are an immersive experience. 

The sky changes all the way around and you can see it clearly because the trees are sparse and short and the land is flat. 

You aren’t just watching the sunset in that moment, you are living in it. 

People talk about being one with nature, but a west Texas sunset is the only thing that can truly give me that feeling. 

When I see the sun setting all around me, I see God reflected there. 


One Reporter's Ramblings: An extreme trust exercise

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After several months with my Oculus Go, I’m still occasionally putting it on to explore new virtual reality worlds.

When VR is done well, it really does feel like the user is transported to another place.

Maybe you want to explore villages in northern England through 3D photographs and captured audio. I’ve done that. It’s pretty breath-taking.

Also breath-taking is a game that puts the player in a locked house as they investigate a murder and are pursued by the killer. I said breath-taking, not pleasant.

What really has the ability to take the wind out of you are the roller coaster simulators, though.

One of the first programs I tried makes the viewer feel like they are in a spinner (flying car) from “Blade Runner” that coasts through futuristic streets before ending up in a high speed chase that results in a crash before the vehicle hits the ground.


Mrs. Dykowski.. hires an assistant

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Since life has been so crazy lately I’ve enlisted a little help, literally.

She may be small but she’s hugely passionate about Dublin sports. 

She’s had a moment here and there to assist with little things around the office. She’s an excellent inter-office memo runner. 

Recently she’s taken on a new job, accompanying me to sporting events.

Football is her favorite today, but that may have more to do with the homecoming candidates pretty dresses than the game itself.

Although it was hot and she really needed a nap, she only asked to go home once during the cross country meet. 

She’s a good sport and she looks so cute in a ball cap, I think I’ll bring her along every time I attend a sporting event, unless it’s after bedtime.

I don’t want her to burn out too soon. 

I’m happy to say there’s no sign of that so far. 

She likes hearing the rules explained and cheering for the athletes. 


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