Lions could still take district

With no hope of winning, Dublin still showed its heart in the final seconds, scoring a touchdown and 2-point conversion to cut down the Tigers’ lead. 

Dublin’s winning streak may have hit a bump in the road on Friday when the Lions fell 42-29 to Jacksboro, but they still have a chance to take the top spot in the District. 

If Dublin can beat Comanche on Friday, the Lions will be in a three-way tie for first with Comanche and Jacksboro. 

That’s where that late 8 points from Friday is worth much more than pride. Points are the tie-breaker. 

Jacksboro’s 13-point victory over Dublin and Comanche’s 10-point victory over Jacksboro will be their respective stake in the tie-breaker. So if Dublin wins over Comanche by 14 points, they will take the top seat in the District. Likewise, a 10-13 point victory would give them the No. 2 seat.

With the Lions needing more than just a W in Comanche, it will be essential that they shore up what went wrong against Jacksboro. 

Cervetto credits a lot of Dublin’s success to this point to the spirit of the community. 

“We need a good Dublin turnout like we always do,” Cervetto said of Friday’s game.

Kickoff in Comanche is at 7 p.m. 

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