Lions extend season to 7-0

The Lions are 7-0 for the first time since 1964 and well on their way to a playoff run. 

Their 46-12 victory over Rio Vista is one head coach Bob Cervetto thinks the team will remember, and not just because of the overwhelming victory. 

“I know it will be a game to remember because I can’t remember ever having played in six inches of mud, ever,” Cervetto said.  “I’ve played in rain before, and I’ve played in mud before, but not like that.”

Cervetto praised the linemen for overcoming the elements that could have really slowed them down. “Our linemen really had to battle. Their offensive and defensive lines were pretty good and in the mud it made them that much better because it slowed our quickness a little bit. "

The team is sitting heading into to Friday’s game against Jacksboro. 

Jacksboro is 1-1 in District after losing their District opener to Comanche. 

If Dublin defeats Jacksboro, they will stay in the running for District champs with Comanche, who is also undefeated in District so far. 
Comanche is picked to win over Rio Vista on Friday. 

“This is what you play for, meaningful games that will set you up in the playoffs,” Cervetto said.

Jacksboro lost their season opener to Breckenridge, who Dublin later defeated. On Friday, Jacksboro dominated Tolar, who was playing without their big running back Mason King.

Cervetto said Tolar’s strategy mirror’s Brady’s from the preseason. 

They’ll run the wing T and try to keep Dublin’s defense on the field. 

Cervetto said this makes it difficult for them to catch up if Dublin can pull ahead. 

“If we bring our game and we’re better at the end of that night than we were at the end of last week, then we have a chance to win the game,” Cervetto said. 

Improving every day and focusing on themselves has served the Lions well as a motto all season, and Cervetto said that’s the approach they’re taking with Jacksboro, as well. 

“We’re excited about being home,” Cervetto said, adding that the weather should be nice and he hopes the stands are packed. 

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

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