Band claims straight 1s for first time since 2011

The Sound of Dublin band earned straight ones at their region marching contest on Saturday.

That means each of the three judges gave Dublin’s performance the highest possible rating. This is the first time that has happened for Dublin since 2011.  

“It was super cool,” Sound of Dublin Band Director Ronnie Luedke said.

He said none of the kids who are currently in band have ever received a first division rating, so it was an exciting moment. 

“I disappeared for most of the afternoon,” Luedke said. 

He knew the band had earned straight ones but wanted the kids to have that special moment of hearing it announced over the loud speaker and celebrating together. 

“This will be just what we do now,” he added. “We won’t accept anything less.”

This is not an advancing year for 3A bands, so the contest part of marching season is over. 

Luedke said that on Friday the band will perform their contest show for the home crowd, but after that they plan do some shows geared more toward entertainment for the remaining football games. 

If they get ones in concert and sight reading contests in the spring, they’ll earn sweepstakes. The band hasn’t won sweepstakes since 2011. 

Luedke said this is just the beginning. 

“Don’t stop working once you get it right,” he said. “Keep working so you won’t get it wrong.”

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