Mrs. Dykowski... creates quality time

Darci has been showing an interest in letters and numbers lately, and she has always loved books, so I decided this fall to start some really basic preschool activities with her. 

We are taking a letter every week. 

In our recent A week, we watched ants build tunnels in a tic-tac container. 

We made A’s out of play doh and made an abacus to practice counting. 

We also play with homemade number flashcards a few days a week to work on recognizing numerals. 

She’s learning so fast! 

We practice tracing letters with our fingers a couple of days a week in our Sofia the First” alphabet book, which she loves, although the vocabulary is a little specialized. 

Every toddler needs to know yacht starts with Y, right?

Once a week we spend some time playing with letter puzzles. 

I love that she’s building a great foundation that will help her learn to read and do basic math.

But that’s not the best part. 

I’m a busy, working mom, so it’s hard for me some days to just stop whatever I’m doing and really give her my undivided attention in a positive context. 

Having something specific planned, even it only takes 10 minutes, makes sure we get some  positive, quality time every single morning, even if deadlines are looming. 

It’s helped some of our discipline problems because she’s not acting out to get more attention.

It’s building her confidence, too. She loves knowing things and being reminded how proud I am of her effort.

Don’t be deceived, of course not every activity has gone over perfectly, and the fickleness of toddlerhood means an activity she loved yesterday might cause a fit today. 

I’m perfectly content to move at her pace.

I’m just really glad to be spending happy time together.

If she winds up being a genius who changes the world for the better, that’s just a happy fringe benefit.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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