The Publisher's Desk: Some exciting new digital offerings from the Citizen

If you have been on our webpage — — or our facebook page lately, you might have noticed some exciting new changes.

For starters, we have created a second facebook page called “Dublin Citizen Sports” and a companion Twitter page. 

For those of you who love Dublin High School sports, this page is especially tailored for you. 

It’s going to offer a lot more, sportswise, than our current Dublin Citizen facebook page. 

Last Friday night, for example, Sarah live posted the Dublin Lions football game as it was happening. 

Those who followed it messaged us afterward thanking us for creating a way to keep up with the game, minute-by-minute, for those who can’t go themselves. 

And what a game to start with. From a solid lead for the Lions to a last minute touchdown by the Bucs to steal the lead and an even later minute touchdown by the Lions to win — it was all chronicled as quickly as Sarah could type. It’s also fun to review it afterward to get a feel for how the game went. 

Likewise, Sarah is planning to post the game stats on facebook  each week.

Another example — Marilyn Krebs posted all the photos from the homecoming victory over DeLeon, including the pep rally and queen nominees.

We’ve always wished we could run more of Marilyn’s photos. She takes so many photos and we can only run one or two in the newspaper. So, we’ve decided to put all the football photos online; and we encourage you to save them, print them or do whatever you like. And thank Marilyn next time you see her. 

Also, a big thank-you to our sponsors, who have made it possible for us to post these photos and live updates of the football game.  

Why are we doing this? We want to offer our readers something a little more. There’s a great big world of digital space out there, and we want to make sure that Dublin citizens get the most from the Dublin Citizen, including online. 

Of course, our commitment to the print newspaper is as strong as ever. 

We’re excited to keep creating the best, quality print newspaper we can. 

We’re also excited to add something new, a new way to connect with our readers, you.
Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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