Mrs. Dykowski... loves the almost desert

When I was a kid, I really wanted to be good at art. 

I wasn’t and still am not. 

I wanted that skill because there was such beauty around my home, and I wanted to capture it and share it. 

One of my greatest inspirations that I was not capable of doing anything with is the West Texas sunset. 

In most places on earth, if you want to see the sunset, you look to the west. 

In the almost-desert of Texas, sunsets are an immersive experience. 

The sky changes all the way around and you can see it clearly because the trees are sparse and short and the land is flat. 

You aren’t just watching the sunset in that moment, you are living in it. 

People talk about being one with nature, but a west Texas sunset is the only thing that can truly give me that feeling. 

When I see the sun setting all around me, I see God reflected there. 

I see His love, mercy, justice and infiniteness — so beautiful, so complex and infathomable. 

The way so many colors play together in that sunset is so subtle and peaceful, while at the same time being bold and beyond my understanding. 

I feel small because of it’s awesomeness and yet so special and loved because he gave me eyes to see it. 

Likewise, I told someone recently that I love mesquite trees — they laughed.

I didn’t get a chance to describe how the leaves are the most vibrant green in the spring or how they are so delicate they look like lace woven together. I didn’t say that the long roots that help them survive drought after drought are a metaphor for the hard working, long-sighted, stubborn people who raised me. They taught me to be like the mesquite and know that while you can’t control your circumstances, you can prepare yourself when times are good, then dig deep and hang on when times are hard. 

I wish I could draw it all for you so you could see that scrubby, dry “ugly” place through my eyes and appreciate its beauty.

I guess I’ll just have to tell you instead. 

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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