Mrs. Dykowski.. hires an assistant

Since life has been so crazy lately I’ve enlisted a little help, literally.

She may be small but she’s hugely passionate about Dublin sports. 

She’s had a moment here and there to assist with little things around the office. She’s an excellent inter-office memo runner. 

Recently she’s taken on a new job, accompanying me to sporting events.

Football is her favorite today, but that may have more to do with the homecoming candidates pretty dresses than the game itself.

Although it was hot and she really needed a nap, she only asked to go home once during the cross country meet. 

She’s a good sport and she looks so cute in a ball cap, I think I’ll bring her along every time I attend a sporting event, unless it’s after bedtime.

I don’t want her to burn out too soon. 

I’m happy to say there’s no sign of that so far. 

She likes hearing the rules explained and cheering for the athletes. 

She wishes there were literal lions at the games, but really, who can blame her. 

Some of the less straightforward mascots confuse her, so she just changes them. 

I’m sure DeLeon ISD will be happy to know they are the Meerkats now. 

Also, sorry varsity Lions, but she’s changed all of your names to Simba or Mufasa. She hasn’t specified who is who yet, so stand by for your assignment. 

Maybe she should watch a little less T.V.

While she was under the impression that the homecoming game was over when we left at the end of the first quarter for bedtime (she wasn’t entirely wrong about that), she dubbed it a good game and reported to her daddy that a couple of players got in trouble for saying things they shouldn’t (this was my best on-the-spot explanation of unsportsmanlike conduct in toddler terms), and she hoped they learned to be sweet Lions and Meerkats next time. 

I’m sure their coaches hope so, too. 

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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